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Shanghai Disneyland started testing using X-ray machine further optimize security process

Date: 2019-12-03

For some visitors feedback as the low efficiency, the existing security procedures for many, the problem such as unfriendly, on December 2, Shanghai Disneyland two security channel started testing using X-ray machine auxiliary artificial service way visitors into the garden in front of the security check.

Reporter noticed in the paradise, added two security channel is equipped with X-ray machine and a new sign of a special security check passage, guide tourists to operate:

Remove all belongings, including electronics, and bag placed in different column.

Visitors through the metal detector door.Sign at the same time remind visitors: "in the process of security checks, such as security personnel have requirements, please visitors out to open the bags will be suspicious items available for inspection by the security personnel.Visitors safety is the focus of our work, thank you for your cooperation and understanding."Although it is still on the first day of the test phase, two security channel under the guidance of tourists in the Disney security personnel have been able to orderly and smoothly items and personal security, for the new way of high-tech security also welcomed and recognized.

The reporter to verify the Shanghai Disney resort, resort, said a spokesman for the Shanghai Disneyland is currently in use X-ray machine and auxiliary by artificial service for test of the screening process.The main content of the test including X-ray machine feedback technology stability, efficiency and tourists.Equipment debugging and testing process in, set for the future to prepare more X-ray machine to support security.And add more time of the X-ray machine for security, it's not certain.

It is reported, in September this year, visitors to Shanghai Disneyland way of screening many opinions are put forward.Then park, said will abide by the relevant laws and regulations and all visitors and their carry-on luggage must be under the premise of safety checks, as far as possible reduce the effects of safety inspection experience to visitors.Park since September begins to implement more friendly, human security processes and services, visitors at the checkpoint can open the bag bag, such as security personnel requirements, visitors can remove suspicious objects, and back after finish checking.Such as X-ray machine park will also take in the future, security equipment, auxiliary means such as artificial service to further optimize security process.