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Wanda 7.19 billion yuan pick 7 1356.8 acres of land in the river to open this year in lanzhou wanda city

Date: 2019-06-12

On June 12, lanzhou, gansu province seven river 28 cases of successful transfer cui home big beach plot, emerged the artificial wanda real estate group co., LTD., clinch a deal the price is 7.1924 billion yuan, with a total area of 1356.857 mu of land.

Views real estate new media query announcement, according to the above 28 cases of block Numbers for G1901-1 to 28, which both are located in qilihe district cui home big beach area, with a total area of 1356.857 mu of land, the starting price of 7.174 billion yuan.According to the demand of land for consolidation in 28 cases of transfer, the bidder shall have no less than 10 high-end hotel management operation experience.

At the same time, 28 cases of plot, except land for residential and ShangFu include education, the municipal complex, community service facilities such as land use.Specifically, G1901-11 after the completion of the plot, the G1901-23 plot, self sustaining duration of not less than 10 years, and self sustaining property of no less than 50%;G1901-2, G1901-5, G1901-13, G1901-17 need PeiJian kindergarten land use;, G1901 G1901-3-20, G1901-27 block for land to be PeiJian primary and secondary schools;According to the plan after the completion of the land free of charge to the municipal government.

According to the view property, new media reported past November 8, 2018, wanda group has announced the agreement in Beijing with representatives of lanzhou related.Accordingly, wanda city will be settled in lanzhou, lanzhou city, the two sides will jointly build a new brand "area" cultural tourism.

When the data shows, lanzhou wanda city covers an area of about 1300 mu, a total investment of nearly 30 billion yuan, including wanda alum, resort hotels, tourism, tower, bar street, tourism distribution center, etc.Wanda alum for all indoor events, including Ocean Park, amusement park snow, sports park, water park and business center and other facilities.

Project plan started in 2019, which opened in 2021.Opening the year after tourists is expected to more than 10 million people, to lanzhou to create thousands of jobs and huge tax directly.