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Guangdong to start the construction of the first national stone desert park innovation ecological tourism new formats

Date: 2019-07-02

The reporter learns from the forestry bureau of guangdong province, guangdong south king Wan Shanchao countries officially launched on July 1, stony desert park construction, will be after the completion of the first national stone desert park in guangdong province.Construction of the park, to perfect the system of the desertification control in guangdong province, the ecological environment to prevent risks, to explore the green water castle peak into jinshan yinshan, innovation of ecological tourism new formats, realize the regional sustainable development, etc. It is of great significance.

At the end of 2018, guangdong south king Wan Shanchao national stone desert park to declare success.The stone desert park, planning area of 1457.9 hectares, the total investment of 134 million yuan, the construction content includes ecological conservation area, mission exhibits, experience area and management service area construction of the four functional areas.

When completed, will become a set of ecological tourism, summer vacation, popular science education, outdoor development such as multi-functional in one of the country rock desert park.